Our most recent designs appear on our Instagram, and our blog posts on our homepage, but here are some of our all time big and unique events you should see.

A Late September Wedding

The request was hydrangea to compliment their vision of vases filled with golden-green apples. The napkins all had a single green rosehip which I provided.

The event included an arch (this was before we had created our current collection). For this I used hydrangea, dahlias, in a base of golden curly willow.

This wedding also included corsages, boutonnieres, bridal bouquet and fresh petals. The client was not particular about color, but wanted dahlias with little to no fillers in the bridal bouquet.

Countryside Cultivate Dinner

I volunteered to arrange the flowers for a charity event which purchased flowers from my family’s flower farm. Settings were already chosen by the event managers. Color selection was left to me for the purchase, and so it followed that I explain my vision for their arrangment.

I oversaw a group of volunteers who carried out several aspects of this large-scale floral display with 45 of the strawberry quarts pictured, and 14 of the metal trucks. This is one of the few events where I worked with Oasis foam. I always prefer to work with long stems and vases when possible.

Arts Event

A party with 64 guests for a charity aimed at increasing art galleries in downtown Akron, Ohio. I selected vases from the client’s extensive collection (an art collector himself), and paired them with flowers per the event’s vibrant needs.

Heartland House Event

A charity dinner which emphasized local food and flowers -specifically my family’s flower farm Simon Organics. The request was a fall garden look. Layout included 1 long and 1 tall island table. Some small jars of flowers were also spread around to extend the bounteous affect.

Goth Victorian Bohoe Party

This was my personal 25th birthday party. I purchased some cymbids, king bird of paradise, roses, waxflower. The party was a goth bohoe/Victorian style. So some black cast iron urns filled with red curly willow, Japanese knotweed from my own gardens flagged a large barn beam couch. The grazing table took on the focal point role with a driftwood piece (see page for this piece in our collection) adorned with water-tubed cymbids (water tube hidden with tissue paper and jute twine) and red pieces of Japanese knotweed for a mossy tropical affect.

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